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Solar pool heating panels

Invariably these panels are made from plastic/rubber materials, ranging from A.B.S, P.V.C - Poly vinyl carbon, Polyolefin, E.P.D.M - ethylene poly dienne monomer..etc

Like you would make a cake from many different ingredients - same with the synthetic materials. One of these would include ultra violet stabilizers, hardeners etc. Panels weigh approximately 8kg each and the dimensions for the standard size of panels in the industry are 3000 x 1200mm.

There are currently more than 12 different types of panels you could use to heat your pool. We have experience having used all of them. Factors that will have a bearing on your pool heating system - What we want to know:

* Size of your pool.
* Indoor - out door
* Roof aspect. eg North - West etc.
* Single/double story.
* Distance from pump filter to wall which leads to roof.

Floating solar pool blankets

Our floating solar pool blankets will retain the heat built up during the day giving you maximum heat gain. A further advantage of the floating solar pool cover is to reduce water waste. Even if some can afford it financially, can one morally afford to waste 7000 liters of water a month, while dam levels are low? For example, if you own a swimming pool, this is how much water is being lost through normal summer evaporation, five to six liters per square meter of pool area per day.

With an approximate 90 000 pools in the Cape Town area, this is staggering 600 million liters of lost water per month according to the City of Cape Town Water Affairs Department.

This evaporation could be cut down by as much as 90% by using our sealed - air Solar pool blanket.

This blue bubble blanket is trimmed to the shape of the pool and floats on the water. It helps to keep the pool cleaner and reduces the filtration cycle whilst a pool cleaner can still be operated underneath the cover. Use of the blanket can also reduce chemical consumption.

Although this lightweight pool blanket can easily be spread or rolled up by two people, a specially designed roll up station facilitates an easier system of storage when off the water.


How hot can you go?
Up to you - our record is 42'C using solar panels and thermal pool cover. 30'C is standard.

How long to install?
Most installations are completed in half a day.

Now... because each client is unique, please call for a FREE quote over the phone.
* Example: Single story roof
Pool 7 x 4m
Pump and filter 5m from wall
We will fit x8 panels - installation includes all valves, fittings, 30m of piping.

How does solar pool heating work?

Solar panels are positioned on your roof so as to enjoy maximum exposure to the sun. Panels are connected to the existing pool pump. Using your pool pump, water is circulated via the solar panels and back to the pool, continuously from +-8am ---> 5pm.
Over a period of 2/3 days the temperature is built up.
A bypass valve is fitted to isolate the panels if necessary.


[Figure below] Image below illustrates the bypass valve open and close functions.


View gallery of various solar installations.

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